Welcome back to the revival of my humble site.

What began as a digital sabbatical became a 2.5 year break from many of my online activities. Breaking my habits was both painful and freeing. Despite my intention to be productive through never ending multi-tasking,  I was actually quite inefficient and disconnected from what really mattered.

I’m not an expert, and I’m certainly not perfect. But I have come a long way in creating time to eat, breathe, move, and rest. Please note that my awkward journey has always included a rather puzzling struggle with self care.

This project will help me remember: I am not terribly unique in this struggle; my commitment requires daily practice; and  this journey can be quite amusing, once I am a bit more rested.

So join me, as I continue to take a few steps forward and backward, recharge my well through balance and humor, and figure out how to apply some of these yoga lessons off the mat.