My Modified Couch to 5K Plan- Today’s Surprise Victory (#C25K)

C25K - Mizuno Running Shoes - Running Warehouse - Kris M O'Connor

My Nifty New Running Shoes - Fitted For Me After a Video Analysis of My Weird Step at the Running Warehouse

I’m not a runner. I never have been. Even in school, I don’t ever remember running a mile. But for some strange reason (and believe me it’s strange), I was caught up by all these fitness people who love to run. So I decided to try the Couch to 5K plan which is a 10 week plan to get non-joggers off the couch and jogging a 5K. It basically combines walking and jogging segments, and ramps up the jogging part over 10 weeks. How hard could that be? After all, I’m not a total couch-potato – I have my own Sonjia to train with! 

I did great for the 1st three weeks – remember though, the longest “jog” interval for Week 3 is only 3 minutes. And then I tried Week 4 and the 5 minute segment nearly killed me. (Ok, that’s probably an exaggeration. I was probably not near death. But I was REALLY tender — my ankles, knees, etc.). But I didn’t quit. I just modified a bit and kept at it at my own pace, listening to my own body.

  • I repeated Week 3 for a couple of week and was not tender.
  • Then I did a couple of weeks doing a Week 3/4 hybrid (maybe 4 minute jogging segments, maybe one 5 minute segment, but not a “true” Week 4).
  • Then I tried a modified Week 4 (I started with the 3 minute segment instead of the 5 minute segment, but I got two 5 minute segments in). One time, at the end of a session, I actually got a comfortable 8 minute jogging segment in on the treadmill.


The Breakthrough – I Think?

I headed out tonight and felt dead tired (I’ve been on the road). But I was determined to wog for at least 30 minutes. My iPod has a C25K playlist with 5 minute songs, so I don’t check my watch. I just wog to the songs for time.

The 3 minute jogs were tough – I was tender. I walked/jogged for about 30 minutes and was determined to finish with one 5 minute jog segment. Rocky Mountain Way came on, and I was good. (I know for many of you that’s WAY too slow for jogging music, but for me it’s perrrrrrrfect.) Then Down to the Waterline came on, and with no tenderness, I kept going. Then Levon came on, and I was feeling gooood! Elton was ramping up to a gospel-esque inspirational finish.

Then I thought, “Heck – I gotta be close to a mile!”.  I was still feeling really good, so I continued through a Billy Joel song just to be safe.

20 MINUTES of Continuous Jogging! I’m pretty sure I jogged over a mile (I think it was just under 1.5 mi). And this is coming from someone who has struggled with 5 minutes! I am weepy, proud & giddy all at once.

Special thanks to the folks at The Running Warehouse for helping me with my new shoes!

Also, FoodieMcBody had the Best Run of Her Life today – it was a good day – so join us in our Happy Dance!

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