I Loved This Crossfit Workout | Surprise to the Reluctant Exerciser

Blurry Phone Pic of Sonjia and Me - Isn't She Adorable? And if you're lovin' those guns, you should see her arse :D

Despite my best intentions NOT to go, I put on my shoes 20 minutes before the class, drank a shake and some water, and headed to the gym to try one of Sonjia’s crossfit workouts. Deep down, I’m a couch potato, faint fearing, sissy. That said, this reluctant exerciser is giddy to really enjoy a workout!  And I’m even more stoked to do really well! You know… the ones where you keep going because you’re feeling like an animal? Well, that’s how this crossfit workout went for me. I did all the moves with little adjustment. I rested very little. And I was very proud of my endurance, strength, and intensity!

Why I Loved This Crossfit Workout

  • I can do anything for 5 reps
  • I can do almost anything for 4 minutes
  • The reps and time match my attention span
  • It tricked me into doing a lot of reps without really knowing it
  • It worked my whole body – strength wise and endurance wise
  • It was challenging but doable
  • I sweated for 30 minutes after the cool down

Crossfit Workout

Note: We rested if we wanted to in between each set.

  • Dynamic Warm Up: OK I soooo don’t know how to describe this, but it included both standing and mat work. I LOVE this new type of warmup! <Post to come>
  • Alternating regular and side planks for 20 seconds w 10 second rest in between (Repeat for 4 minutes)
  • 5 Pull Ups + 5 Box Jumps (Repeat for 4 minutes)
  • 5 Rear Delt Rows (rings) + 5 Squat/Shoulder Press (Repeat for 4 minutes)
  • 5 Dead Lifts + 5 Pushups (Repeat for 4 minutes)
  • Sled Push (this weird metal thing that I pushed across the room) + 5 V- Ups (YUCK!)  (repeat for 4 minutes)
  • 5 Walking Lunges (with overhead weight) + 5 Burpees (Repeat for 4 minutes)
  • Tabata Closer. Mountain climbers (20 seconds), rest (10 seconds), speed skaters (20 seconds), rest (10 seconds) – repeat for 4 minutes
  • Cooooooooool down and foam roller ;)

What I Love About Sonjia’s Class

  • EVERYTHING is scalable – we have all ages and fitness levels involved with these classes. (I did a couple of modified burpees in that set cuz my heart rate was UP and I wanted to recover but keep moving.)
  • There is total freedom to rest and go at your own pace. No one stares at you or yells at you if you’re not going as heavy or fast or crazy as anyone else.
  • We get to workout with buddies, but we’re not competing against anyone else.
  • I workout WAY harder than I would on my own (remember, I’m a sissy).
  • I ALWAYS drink a lot of water without really trying :D

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When was the last time you surprised yourself at a workout?