Meet Sonjia the Trainer | Includes Silly Video

You know that I love my Sonjia – she is ADORABLE! She wanted a little clip for her website, and I agreed to help her as long as I could poach use it :D

Why I Love My Sonjia:

  • She has fresh lemon for my water.
  • She always has minty gum and extra scrunchies.
  • She’s strong enough to catch you if you faint.
  • Her sneaky blue eyes and infectious smile trick you into doing things you don’t want to do.
  • My core is strong, and we never do crunches :D
  • She’s not a very good counter, and I’m pretty sure I do extra reps because of this.
  • Her, “You’re going to LOVE this!” phrase is quite endearing… most of the time.

Here’s a short little clip with many bloopers that show why I adore her :D


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