South Lake Tahoe | The PERFECT Vacation

We’ve been back for a while and are still STOKED from our perfect vacation in South Lake Tahoe. We had a really wonderful time and have discovered the perfect recipe for a great vacation for the BF+ and me.

We stayed in a house – so lovely – lots of space and lots of freedom.

The house had a fridge and a kitchen – yes, this might sound silly, but it really worked out great! I had coffee and CREAM, and we both had all our favorite foods. We didn’t have to worry about meals and didn’t spend a fortune eating out. He could eat his sandwiches and oatmeal. I could eat my greek yogurt and berries.

The house was in a GREAT location – walking distance to the lake, park, marsh – great wogging paths, great photo opportunities, walking distance to stores and the Sprouts Cafe – perfect!

We were very active the whole time – we rode bikes and kayaks and spent most of the time outside. This was key for us!

We mixed up our activities alone and together. When he was out enjoying his kickass bike rides, I wogged, tweeted, and toyed with my camera. And as my bike coach, he definitely held up his bargain and helped me successfully complete my first single track mountain bike rides.

We learned a few things about ourselves and eachother during this trip.

For one, I’m not a good passenger. That is all I will say.

Also, it never OCCURRED to me to be in the same kayak – say what? After my initial terror and calming reassurance from the operator that I could trade him the kayak in, we set out. After about 10 minutes, I calmed down and paddled most of the time (I could see that he rested more than is fair share – ha!).

Also, I bet he didn’t know that I know ALL the words to Goodbye Yellow Brick Road album – out of consideration to him, I didn’t sing too loudly the WHOLE the time.

He learned that I can drive his truck down a mountain road without incident. He also learned that there is no shame in being dropped off at the TOP of a trail – why kill himself over an extra 20 miles, eh?

And finally, we can survive getting the car stuck in a sandy patch. After we each blamed the other for about 10 minutes, we gave that one up and tried to find the ONE place with cell reception. (Side note: Just because there is a call box sign, doesn’t mean there’s an actual call box. That one is good to know….)


Here’s a Little Glimpse of Our Perfect Vacation

We did yoga under the trees every morning.


We walked 5 blocks to explore the marsh to practice with my camera.


We explored the lake and inlets in kayaks. Sorry for the thumb - I was NERVOUS with the camera and the water!


We enjoyed BEST sunsets and best dinners lakeside.


The BF+ – A Quick Clip Before His First Big Ride (10 Second Confession)


I hiked and snapped when the BF+ went on the "real" rides.


On the greenhorn rides, we found Fallen Leaf Lake.


More photo practice.


Oops! You can't tell from this picture (I had to be VERY stealth), but we are REALLY stuck! The cell reception was horrible - but I didn't have to nibble on his arm for dinner.


The view while waiting for the tow truck.


Fancy Photo of the Luxurious Adventurers


What’s your perfect vacation? Do you have a favorite vacay recipe?


Eating in Tahoe

  • Sprouts Cafe – LOVED this place – great menu of all things healthy and tasty (although I was surprised they didn’t have GF bread)
  • Beacon Bar & Grill - a dinner MUST – the food was great, it was a few feet from the water – we went twice.

Outdoor Fun

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  1. Coco says:

    OMG! BF+ with FitStanley = priceless! Sounds like a great vacay….

    • Kris says:

      LOL yes – he was giving me his best mug shot with the laminate guy face – ha! Seriously, he asked to take the pic – hehehe – lovely my burly sensitive guy – ha!

  2. Tara Burner says:

    Love BF+ w/Fit Stanley! he’s a keeper (the BF+ that is)
    Your vacay sounds wonderful!
    totally envious since I didnt go anywhere this year and am totally bummed!
    usually my fav vacay is to Charleston, SC or St. Augustine, FL
    it’s been awhile since I’ve gone “west” but want to!

  3. great adventure and when you can learn a few important things about each other, that’s a fine vacation indeed! :) I love a kitchen when on vacation – so I know I can have all foods I need… and I bring my hand blender too.

    I laughed at the stealth photography of the stuck truck… I can only imagine the eye roll you’d have received with active photo taking… ;)

    • Kris says:

      Ha! Yes – had I been “caught” taking the picture, the eye roll would have been quite interesting. Oooh – a little blender? I have one – that’s a FINE idea! **note to self – pack the smoothie goods** xoxo

  4. ragemichelle says:

    Oh my! What lovely pictures!! Color me jealous! And the two of you are simply gawjus!

  5. LOVE LOVE this post. Fit Stanley, you and BF are all such total cuties! I also love Lake Tahoe. What an awesome vacation!

  6. I am so glad you enjoyed your well-deserved grown-up vacation :). We ALWAYS get a condo, cabin, or hotel room with a kitchen. I can’t think of a time when we didn’t except when relatives were nearby. We haven’t done a house yet but definitely want to. Pure luxury!

    • Kris says:

      it WAS pure luxury – seriously, coffee and greek yogurt in the morning – it’s always the little things, eh? xoxo

  7. Kris, you make me laugh out loud. And love all the pics of what looks like the perfect vacay! I always love me a beach destination but after seeing you & BF & Fit Stanley I’m longing for Lake Tahoe!

    • Kris says:

      it’s funny – I live 20 minutes from the beach and hardly go – GASPS…. I gotta say, I kinda love the mountains – there’s just something about the climbing elevation, change in scenery, and sunny but not too hot temps that is really lovely :)

  8. Hi! I actually wrote a huge response this morn & hit the wrong key & it was gone.. Typical me!

    Love seeing Fit Stanley again & the beauty of the trip! How fun!

    I love Hawaii & have not been in years but I had 2 most memorable trips to the Big Island of Hawaii. Way back when before lave took over, you could walk out to the edge & watch the lave flow into the ocean. We stayed till dark & say that – amazing! Also, went to the observatories on this island – nothing like this! Being at the top of the world & seeing the view. Then at night, the constellations & more – the most amazing thing!

    • Kris says:

      That’s so funny! I’ve done that a bunch… I’ve never BEEN to Hawaii! Wow – what LOVELY memories of your perfect trip! Sooooooooo cool! *note to self – save more money to go to Hawaii*

  9. Miz says:

    Miz recently posted..Are you a square peg?

  10. Tahoe is just an awesome place. I’ve never been there in the summer but I really need to!

    • Kris says:

      YES! So lovely – big thumbs up! there’s something about the mountains and trees that are so lovely to us sea girls :) Thanks Averie!


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