Who Knew | Music Monday

Courtesy Pinkspage.com

Well, it seems that you all have nudged me forward a couple of decades in terms of music – and I thank you….

I do love Pink, although I’ve never had any of her music on my iPod.

The fact is, I don’t think I’ve updated my music since the spawn moved out. I really did rely on him to help me with music and tech gadgets. And without a young person in the house, I’m really not exposed to “new” music.

OK back to Pink…

She is a seriously talented, strong, woman. I’ve got a thing for strong but HUMAN female artists – Joni, Tina, Ella, Mary – their music always touches me and reminds me that I am not alone in life’s stuff.

So today I troll Pink’s Page to explore her great tunes (and procrastinate a bit on the day ahead).

But when I get back tonight, I WILL be playing this while I get my sweat on.

So head on over to Pink’s official website, and check out this great tune.

Who Knew | Pink | Official Video

How do you discover new music?