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My Nemesis

When I first bought my jumprope (a while back), it was ugly.

Picture Lucy with a jumprope. That was me. But it was more pathetic than funny.

I tried. I showed the BF+ my attempts.

He tried to be kind and hide his astonishment, but I know THAT look in his eyes. Just like his horror with my learning how to ride a bike, he couldn’t imagine how such a capable person could be so bad at something so simple.

He picked up the jumprope and busted out some moves – the double thingies, crossovers, one footed, alternating foot….

I hated him. He hadn’t picked up a jumprope in 20 years and he could do THAT?!

It is soooooo unfair!

But I still thought this jumprope thing was a good idea. I could pack it in my suitcase for business trips. It’s quick and easy. It mixes things up. What’s not to love about jumprope, right?

But I couldn’t get it – there was no love here.

So the jumprope eventually buried itself in the “basket” – going deeper and deeper, only to be forgotten….

Until recently.

I found the jumprope in the move while setting up the new home gym, and that old thought of incorporating jumping rope into my workouts resurfaced. After a few tweets and realizing that there were others out there who wanted to improve, I recommitted.

I came to the rocket science realization that I probably needed to practice.

Enter the #7dayjumprope

Here’s what I focused on:

  • Practice a little every day for 7 days #7dayjumprope
  • Quiet the arms, focus on rotating the rope from the wrists
  • Quiet the feet, focus on teeny, tiny hops

I gotta say, when I started, my calves HURT, even though I couldn’t really get past 15-20 hops.¬† And in the past, I would always quit. But I found with practicing a couple of minutes a day that by day 4 my calves didn’t hurt. It reminds me of riding a bike – the saddle sore thing always passes, right?

The consistency thing was really important. I had to keep trying, even though it was ugly. And borrowing Carla’s mantra of “setting ourselves up to succeed”, I made mini milestones.

Remember, I was REALLY bad… I had to ignore all of those people out there that talked about working in 2-3 minute sets. Uh…. I was NOT watching a clock – that would be VERY discouraging. Rather, I counted my rotations, focused on timing and concentration. (Yes, this is very much a mental exercise for me.)

Milestone 1: 30 continuous rotations (I achieved this after the 1st week and it was BIG!)

Milestone 2: Improve the tempo (My tempo is a LOT better, I “think”, I’m getting about 2 rotations/second)

Milestone 3: 45 continuous rotations at the better tempo (I’ve done this several times, but am not completely consistent with this – I even did 60 rotations once)

Milestone 4: 30 seconds at better tempo… consistently <Note: Up until now, the practice did NOT include a clock >

I’m sort of hovering around¬† 3 & 4 right now, but I’m definitely getting better. In fact, I’m good enough to LOOK FORWARD to picking up the jumprope in between sets and practicing. YAY!

Now the beauty of the #7dayjumprope is that everyone is in a different place. Heather (@smashfit) wants to jump like Rocky. (For those of you that know her, that will not be a surprise! I adore Heather!) And she has informed me that her side to side movement is pretty awesome now!

Me? Well, I just want to be able to jump well enough to raise my heartrate and not feel like such a klutz.

Now nothing beats PRACTICE, but I found some great tips on this Jumprope Tips Video for people in all stages of their jumprope career.

And it should not be a surprise that my friends Lisa (110pounds.com) and Josie (yumyucky.com) also like to skip – so a-skipping-we-will-go!

Jumprope: Love it? Hate it? Wanna join us in getting better?