Firework | Katy Perry | Music Monday

Firework (Courtesy

I can always count on my friends to nudge me towards this millennium in terms of music.

I’m always looking for new tunes – music is my ULTIMATE moodbooster – along with coffee, rest, and flowers.

It is what nudges this reluctant exerciser to actually sweat.

It is what reminds me to breathe.

Music is medicine for me.

So I was happy to get this recommendation from Heather (@smashfit). If this tune makes her feel like an AMAZING SUPER HERO, then I will try that cape on for size.

Katy Perry has a great voice, and I’ve liked every song of hers that I’ve heard.

But alas, I don’t have her tunes on said digital music device.

This is a fun, catchy tune, complete with a lovely message.

Firework | Katy Perry

Care to school me in tunes from this millennium?