Soul Medicine | The “Other” Part of Health and Wellness

Discovering the Sweet Side of My Empty Nest

Breathe… On Purpose

It’s not unusual for me to feel a bit overwhelmed with deadlines, projects, and life in general. After all, I’m well practiced at handling being ridiculously over committed. Over the years, I’ve honed a few skills and habits that help ease the stress:

But I’ve been simmering with pressure & anxiety lately.

I’m cranky. I’m having a hard time focusing. I’m easily frustrated.

The full boil feels very near, and it does not feel good.

But I’m not sure why it caught up to me right now. Sure I have severalĀ  major projects due. And yes, we are a few weeks away from our big party. But, it really isn’t that different than other times. This is what my work life looks like, and I typically cruise right through.

Plus I’ve been taking VERY good care of myself — thank goodness – I’d be a total wreck if I weren’t.

To my dismay, the exercise and good food weren’t taking the edge off, and proper rest wasn’t helping. Checking tasks off the list didn’t ease the tension, and chocolate brought no relief.

I knew I was in big trouble when planting herbs didn’t even ease the tension!

And then The Universe sent me a little present.

I went downstairs to sorta-work-out-sorta-putter in the garage. And in the course of the puttering, I found an old tape. Yep, a cassette tape. It was not the Go-Go’s, but rather a spiritual sort of tape that meant so much to me a very long time ago. I won’t go into the details, because my god-mother-nature-buddha-quiet-voice kind of spirituality is very personal and difficult to describe with words.

But I will say that I believe in something big, and it does not involve Kris as the Captain.

I plopped the tape into an old tape recorder that was conveniently located on the workbench. (I know… that is a miracle all by itself, right?)

The words came out, and I immediately felt a sense of calm and surrender.

That fast.

Warm. Safe. Relaxed.

A back-in-the-womb sort of comfort.

I remembered immediately the root of my stress and anxiety was that I had been forgetting to nurture my SOUL.

Sure I had been nurturing my body through wonderful self care, but my path of health and wellness demands proper soul medicine too.

For many, soul medicine may take various forms and involve special places or rituals. For me, it involves pausing, being quiet, stilling the mind, and remembering…

  • that I am not alone
  • that my shoulders do not have to be so broad
  • that guidance and courage are available at any moment
  • that I am grateful

I soaked in this tape for over an hour – breathing fully and letting go.

I was reminded that rediscovering this tape was not a coincidence, and that my whole life wellness requires me to create more of these moments throughout each day.

How do you feed your soul? What’s your soul medicine?