Mobility Warm Up – My New Favorite | The Reluctant Exerciser

Sonjia and Her Tricky Smile - I dare you to not get tricked into any new workout!

Our workouts are constantly evolving. Sonjia is always introducing new moves to keep us interested and challenged. Our “old” warm ups consisted of 3 – 5 rounds of old school moves – body weight squats, easy assisted pull ups, pushups, and sit ups. But I gotta say, our new mobility warm up  feels SOOOOO good [...]

Lumberjack 20 Crossfit WOD | The Reluctant Exerciser

The Lumberjack 20 Workout

I was VERY excited to get back to my CrossFit class after my time off (due to health, family stuff, and overall sluggishness). Until I saw the board. Say WHAT? This is NOT what I had in mind for my easing back into my groove! I’ve heard of the Lumberjack 20 Memorial WOD – it’s [...]

Happy Birthday Lucille Ball

Stunning Photo of Lucille Ball

I’ve always been quite proud of sharing a birthday with Lucille Ball. Of course I grew up with I Love Lucy, and enjoyed the show like today’s kids are hooked on video games. But as I got older, I learned to appreciate the Lucy Ricardo character along with Lucille Ball the woman. Today is Lucille [...]

Meeting @WorkoutNirvana For Real!

Suzanne and Me - Together at Last at the Gym! Notice the black shorts and pink tops? Totally unplanned!

Suzanne (Workout Nirvana) was one of my FIRST twitter friends, and we connected immediately. I love Suzanne for so many reasons, but here’s just a few: she’s VERY smart she exudes confidence her blog is packed with well-researched and outstanding fitness information she CELEBRATES feeling and being strong through weightlifting she’s mostly sweet, with a [...]

I Loved This Crossfit Workout | Surprise to the Reluctant Exerciser

Sonjia and Her Tricky Smile - I dare you to not get tricked into any new workout!

Despite my best intentions NOT to go, I put on my shoes 20 minutes before the class, drank a shake and some water, and headed to the gym to try one of Sonjia’s crossfit workouts. Deep down, I’m a couch potato, faint fearing, sissy. That said, this reluctant exerciser is giddy to really enjoy a [...]

20 Minute Playground Workout | My Modified Cindy


Back in the day – before adjusting to my new empty nest and my low back injury – I was becoming pretty darn strong! I was working out with Sonjia regularly and doing a variety of full body, compound, high rep workouts.  I LOVED getting stronger! I LOVED being able to work out longer at [...]

It Wasn’t Pretty, But It Counts: My Modified CrossFit Class


It’s been a slow recovery with my  low back injury. But after some great progress, I decided it was time to make it back to Sonjia’s CrossFit class (after nearly 4 months).  I almost didn’t want to write about this because what I actually did was VERY different than her prescribed workout (enter my pride).  [...]

Recovering From a Low Back Injury – Patience and Perseverance


Well it’s been a few months since I’ve had my groove on. Hurting my low back in January definitely put a damper on my exercise routine – and that’s an understatement! Let me put it this way, it was one month before I could get out of bed without helping myself with my arms. Unloading [...]

Join Us for the First Workout Swap of 2011

1.4.2011 Workout

When was the last time you REALLY mixed up your workouts?  That’s the concept behind what has become a monthly workout swap with Suzanne @WorkoutNirvana. By mixing it up, we can break through plateaus and challenge our cardiovascular and muscular health in new ways. According to Livestrong, “Repeating the same routine week after week will [...]

Lifting Weights – My Workout Swap Recap

Workout buddies hold us accountable and add some fun & motivation on days that I’d rather nap on the couch. I don’t really have any exercise partners at home (waaaaaaaah), but I’ve found oodles of friends through my social media tribe which I am VERY thankful for and are a source of ongoing encouragement. Even [...]